Aare Gorge
Aare Gorge With your CAMPING CARD: 20%
The Aare Gorge - refreshing! You can experience the power of water up close in any weather. As a cooling on hot days, a mystical experience when it rains and during the evening illumination in July and August on Friday and Saturday. Experience the geological wonder of nature on 1.4 kilometers. Easy to reach with the Zentralbahn.
Your discount: 20% discount on the entrance to the gorge (valid: 29.03.-03.11.2024)
Parking for motorhomes & caravans : available at the west entrance
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Grindelwald Glacier Canyon
Grindelwald Glacier Canyon With your CAMPING CARD: 10%
Can you imagine how long it takes for ice to carve a 300m deep gorge in rock? It's really quite incomprehensible, and an awesome sight to see. This is one truly impressive feat of nature. You can now walk 1km into the gorge via tunnels and walkway and explore the unique rock formations. You will find information points along the way to learn about the unique history of the Glacier Canyon. This is the perfect all-weather activity for all ages. It's easy to access and can be added to most of your day trips in the area.

Your discount: 10% off the regular entrance fee - Book online using the code Camping2024. (valid: summer season 2024)
Parking for motorhomes & caravans : available
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Rosenlaui Glacier Gorge
Rosenlaui Glacier Gorge With your CAMPING CARD: 20%
On a well-secured path you will hike past massive waterfalls, romantic grottos and bizarre rock formations. The irrepressible energy of the glacier water can be felt all the time. A refreshing experience in the midst of a magnificent mountain world in the UNESCO World Heritage Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch.
Your discount: 20% discount (adults CHF 8 instead of CHF 10 / children CHF 4 instead of CHF 5) (valid: 09.05. - 20.10.2024)
Parking for motorhomes & caravans : Parking spaces available. Narrow mountain road. For inexperienced drivers, we recommend the post bus from Meiringen to Rosenlaui, Glacier Gorge.
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Saint Beatus Caves
Saint Beatus Caves With your CAMPING CARD: 10%
Inside the Beatenberg, discover what enchanted worlds steady drops have created over millions of years. I wonder if the dragon is still hiding in a cave niche?
Your discount: 10% discount on the regular admission price (valid:all year)
Parking for motorhomes & caravans : few, public transport recommended
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